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The English Listening Bootcamp Podcast

Try a few of our free listening activities wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Fluency and Listening

If the only thing standing between you and real fluency in English is your listening skills, this is the course for you. Get a preview of the course with our free listening podcast. Then check your answers with a free preview account at  Russian:УЧЕБНЫЙ ЛАГЕРЬ АНГЛИЙСКОГО АУДИРОВАНИЯ 2) Arabic: 

استمع الي المقطع الصوتي الموجود في الاعلى ثم اجب على الاسئلة الاتية.
3) Chinese: 英语听力训练营 4) French: Anglais Écoute Camp D’entraînement 5) Japanese: 英語リスニング訓練施設 6) Korean: 영어리스닝극기훈련 7) Spanish: Entrenamiento Auditivo de Inglés 8) Turkish: İngilizce Dinleme Eğitim Kampı. Visit us at .


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