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Practice ten types of listening in English.

End the frustration and finally understand what native speakers of English are really saying.

We’ll get your ears used to the sound of English and teach you listening mastery secrets like:

1. Contextual Analysis

2. How to remember new vocab

3. Alternatives to panicking

4. How to stop translating into English

Audio Only

In our audio only listening exercises you will have nothing but the audio and your ears. You will not be told anything ahead of time or be given the questions ahead of time.

With Visuals

There are times when you’ll hear something and have some visual cues to help you. An example of this is a TV commercial. You can hear the audio but you also see the product and the visuals.


In our dictation exercises, you will hear a sentence and you will be given 15 seconds to write the sentence down . The aim of this activity is accuracy. 

Listening for specifics

In this kind of listening, you are only listening for specific information. With this kind of activity, we will tell you the question ahead of time.

Listening while reading

You will be given some audio to read. You will also be given the accompanying text. This allows you to check what you are hearing against the text and reinforce what you are hearing, It also allows you to get used to the sounds of the words.

Idioms and Slang

The more idioms you know the less frustrated you’ll be when you’re talking to someone and they just suddenly throw an idiom into the conversation. These activities help you to build up your idiom portfolio one idiom at a time. 

Rapid Fire Questions

With rapid-fire questions, there’s no time to translate into English in your mind. Practice thinking in English with rapid fire questions in the form of quizzes, game show style questions, English numbers and a short job interview

Movies and TV

Ever wished that you could watch an entire movie or TV show in English. It is possible.  Let’s start getting used to it by watching movies and TV shows a little at a time. Practice little by little with our weekly mini movie clips.


Sometimes its possible to love a song, love the tune and  the singer and not have a clue what they’re saying.  Start hearing more than the beat now. Join us as we practice a few funny older songs as well as some serious love songs!

Strong Accents

If you work for a company that  offices worldwide, there may be times when you’ll have to speak to another colleague in English. This Colleague may not be from Canada, The U.S or England. Let’s get used to the sound of strong accents!

End the fear!

Now there’s an alternative to the fear, the frustration and beating yourself up when you don’t understand English.  Learn the tips, skills and detailed strategies that you’ll need to finally embrace listening to all kinds of English audio and conversations.

Get Stronger!

Improve your English listening skills with regular daily practice. Over the course of our 4- week boot camp, you will practice 10 types of listening through  40 listening exercises. Start now and watch your listening get better little by little.  

Hi. I’m Carol. I’ve been teaching English since 1998. I created this course after a student told me, “I don’t understand anything anyone is saying.” I’ve created 40 activities based on 10 listening types to help him and all the other English students out there who are feeling the same frustration.  You don’t have to be terrified of listening in English anymore.  With practice, plus the tips and strategies I’ll give you, it is possible to improve your English listening skills.  The first ten activities are free. Let’s dive in right now!


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